[ English ] A Coincidence.



Do coincidences really exit?
Or are they merely excuses we humans bring up for our satisfaction?
Can something really happen just because it was meant to,
Or did a larger hand take hold and walk us through?

Every story must have a start,
And yet an end.
The closing chapter of a story is always there;
We can’t avoid it,
Predict it,
Or wish it isn’t there.
We can’t stop the inevitable.

Throughout our lives,
We strive to be someone;
We work to matter for those who are closest.
It would be foolish if we were to waste our time
To just lengthen our lives,
To give meaning to our days.

For to be human,
We give meaning to everyone else’s days,
Shed light on what deserves it, not on ourselves,
To make a difference;
To be a person.

It was not a coincidence that we met,
Nor was it one that our story closed.
For an unclosed story cannot be reopened,
And it is with the opening
That a story is given life.

We were meant to have known each other,
And we were meant to understand
That there is no right or wrong in this story.
It is only to strive for the next chapter.
It doesn’t matter what happens today,
If tomorrow is better than yesterday.

To posses and hold
Is only a humans desire.
It is not what nature wants us to do.
We have to take
And to give
Because this day cannot always be better than last
A loss now
Is an opportunity the next.

And such, our story has not ended;
It is still free to continue;
For as long as the human spirit stays alive,
Nothing can close our tale.
And it is with that word
That we do not leave
That we will stay
And perhaps,
Just perhaps,
We will know
What the next chapter holds.

~ Rizqi Djamaluddin. In wishes of 101.110.111.


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