Periodic Table of Life


Love is what keeps us alive. It originates from many other elements, but it is the creator of all the other elements. Humans pass it on, one to the next, bringing light to every soul. To lose love is to lose a human’s identity. Love, like all elements, cannot be manufactured artificially, and above all it cannot be faked. A human will recognize imitated love from genuine love in an instant. There are many, many kinds of love, but they are all truly one and the same.

Elements that create Love

Trust is the continued understanding of individuals. It is constructed of Faith and Understanding, and is the main backbone for the human society as a whole. A human without trust cannot bear to be with other humans. Once Faith and Understanding is held tight, they can be bound into trust with no further help – they mix right in. You will find Trust in the most intimate of relationships to the very distant, as it builds up economy and democracy. Love creates Trust, but the destruction of Love can also destroy Trust.

Loyalty is the partner of Trust. It is the prolonged understanding between individuals. However, unlike Trust, Loyalty will look into the future, to find a better solution for everyone as a whole, while Trust looks at the present condition. Trust is composed by Hope and Equality, often helped by Sacrifice. Time is also an important part of this element. Catalysts do exist, but often only Time can create Loyalty. Love creates Loyalty as well, but it is considerably durable, even if Love is lost.

Faith is the ability to hold on to what you believe in. It is only created by Life itself, and is difficult to modify otherwise – however, negative elements can damage Faith. If you look into the real world, you’ll notice that Faith is hard to detect. It’s manifestation, Trust, does not require very much Faith, unlike other concepts like religion and the such. Faith is important for many things, but is invisible to the naked eye.

Understanding is the power to interpret what we see in the world and then realize how to deal with it. It is created by Wisdom and Time, along with other elements. Being a global element, Understanding is absolutely key to Life, and also that to Love – perhaps arguably even the largest component of Love. You can see it everywhere, especially in the word “sorry” and its other forms. It is fairly easy to see in action, although not always directly.

Hope is the strength to believe in a better future – it is the partner of Faith, looking into the future. It is amazingly powerful, even among these elements. Hope is the strongest component of Life, alongside with Love – it can function separately from Love. It is created by Wisdom, Faith, and Love itself. Hope is what drives humans into living – it gives a meaning to tomorrow, and a reason to keep fighting. Hope is difficult to detect, but also difficult to break.

Equality is the achievement of assuming the same role and responsibility with other people. It is key in society, as in this age Equality has taken over from the older systems. Constructed by Understanding, Equality itself also helps create Understanding. Easy to observe, to learn, and to comprehend, it is also resilient to damage.

Elements created by Love

Love can recreate the elements that created it, as it propagates among people. Therefore, Love is a strong spreader of Trust, Loyalty, Hope, Understanding, Faith, and Equality.

Care, probably the easiest one to understand. Love leads to the will to think of people and to support their lives, and Care is the manifestation of this will. Very important, it is apparent in virtually all forms of Love, when it is possible. You can see Care everywhere around you. It is also difficult to destroy, but Time can cause this to happen.

Sacrifice, a powerful element, with the ability to change the mindset of a human. It is also difficult to destroy (about as resilient as Care), but is also harder to create. But when Sacrifice has taken hold of someone, it is easy to evoke and therefore can even become a weapon.

Passion, an element that lies between dark and light. It brings people close to the edge of light, and can bring extreme happiness and enjoyment. It is, however, easily destroyed, and is often not supported by society. Be careful with Passion. Thankfully, it can take a while for Love to manufacture it. Even if you have it, try not to use it too much.


13 Responses to “Periodic Table of Life”

  1. I never thought that you had a big romantic persona. (You always keep out your poem from me)

    Interesting, and ‘Loyalty’ is not only the chemistry of love. But it’s exactly the matter/chemistry of human relationship. Yes, from loyalty comes sacrifice. Just like the code of bushidou.

    So how’s the love life? 😈

  2. Err, even if I understand all of this. Which I already did.

    I still can’t get what is love yet!

  3. Ini hasil renungan panjang lebar, hehe. Sebenarnya masih ada beberapa bagian lagi tentang unsur penghancur Love. Tapi masih disusul deh ya hehehe.

    Love is the combined result of all the elements shown above. Each is in turn as abstract as the last, so…

  4. Haha, ahahaha… Love is about like or dislike, nothing more complicated from that. Or in other way I can also saya that love is something that stand against grudge, sin, or any bada deeds.

  5. Love must be created, though. Not in the materialistic sense, but in the emotional pipeline. Someone missing one of the components to create love will find his life severely disapointing (unless you’re Stalin or Hitler). 😛

  6. Hmm…
    What if I analogize that love is a political possessive desire that, firstly, was “forced” by an individual to other individual(s) to doctrine the target so he/she became a “follower” under their flag and ultimately possessed without needless interference by another individuals?

    …or was that too fascist?

  7. You can’t force love, hehehe. Fundamental problem right there. That would be a pretty evil way of spreading the world’s most dangerous emotion, though. Who knows how many lives have been lost for the name of “love”…

  8. …then am I a fascist? 😛
    *nyambung ngga ya*

    In political (?) view, I think love is “forced” first — in ameliorative means. The subject is trying to attract the object, thus the subject ‘forced’ the object to befriend her/him. In ameliorative means. 😛

    …kalau kata Bu Eri (Kn), banyak tindakan dilandasi kepentingan “politis”. 😕

  9. … kan tergantung inti dari istilah “politis”. Cinta memang dilandasi politik – politik kekeluargaan, hubungan rumah tangga dan perang dunia. 😛

    Mungkin sedikit dipaksa kali ya, tapi pada dasarnya kan pasti akan muncul dengan sendirinya bila ada sepasang manusia (beda jenis kelamin hahaha) yang terus menerus didekatkan… Tapi ya, cinta bisa macam-macam.

    Part 2 dari artikel ini sepertinya sebentar lagi…

  10. 10 amiL

    Kalo dari Matrix 3 (yang nonton lagi di Trans dan akhirnya cukup gak ngerti) kurang lebih gini?

    What is Love? love is just word.. the important thing is the conection that you feel about that word..

    tapi Kalo dari sisi ilmiah psikologis.. Love itu terbuat dari 7 tahap dan 3 aspek.. tahapannya lupa, tapi aspeknya Passion, Intimacy dan Commitment (yes true love must have a commitment) itu katanya Stanberg..

    ini tulisan lo berpikir sendiri ato dari buku?

    btw, sekalian salam kenal, ini temannya Yudo yang waktu itu kan?

  11. Hhe. Iya, ini saya… Salam kenal juga. 🙂

    Hmm, kalau dari Matrix, itu saya akan ada bab tersendirinya, hehe. If love is a word, then doesn’t love mean whatever the word means to each person? 😀

    Itu pikiran sendiri, akibat otak yang bosan dan sepertinya itu exercise yang cukup menyenangkan. Begitulah kalau saya lagi stress… 😛

  12. bisa minta di translate ga…
    TOEFL ku ga lulus …hehehehe

  13. Hehehe. Iya, nanti mungkin akan saya translate. 🙂

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